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[Repost] ApathyAcid – Interview with Leigh Lahav

In Geekery, Wimmenz on August 21, 2013 at 8:00 pm

Hey Guys – I’m sharing a really great post from one of my favorite sites Apathy Acid. This is a site dedicated to featuring cool stuff done by women. The Interview is with Leigh Lahav, an animator who has been focusing her attention on humor in geek culture – Check it out :)


Leigh Lahav

To start off, when did you really notice that you loved animation, and have you always been playing with and creating based off media that your loved?

I’ve been a huge fan of animation since before I could talk. My Mom jokes I knew how to operate the VCR to watch cartoons even before I learned the ABCs! So it’s not something I noticed as much as it was always around me. When friends at school started watching romance flicks and shows for “grown-ups”, I was still obsessing about Disney (although come on, deep down inside they liked it too!).

I always loved drawing characters from animated television and movies, but it wasn’t until my early teens, when I was fangirling about “Pokemon” (..yep) that I started to understand the concepts of fandom, fan-art and fan-fiction, and could give these things I do a name, and I completely fell in love with of world of fan-creations. I also got familiarized with how strangely hard it is to explain something like that to people who are disconnected from that world. You won’t believe the number of times I had to explain why I kept drawing doodles of Jesse and James from “Team Rocket” kissing! sheesh!

Yeah, I get that. Totally Spies changed my life. And I remember shipping Zutara years before I learned what shipping was and that there were such things as ship names. How did you first become familiar with fandom/art/fiction as a form? For those people who aren’t familiar with that world how do you describe it?

I remember it surprisingly well. I was browsing the web for information about Pokemon and anime in general (through angelfire and geocities supported sites! hehe, remember those?) when I came across a site that was dedicated for all kinds of ships from pokemon, each ship was represented by a small illustrated gif of the characters kissing, and each section had a list of recommended fanfiction, fan art and fan videos. All at once I learned about shipping, slash, fanart, fanfiction and more. It was very exciting!

Fandom- combination of the words fan and kingdom, (though some people say it’s actually freedom!) a subculture that consists of a group of fans of some phenomenon (a book, movie, tv show, certain genre etc) that talk about, meet, share and create fan related stuff inspired by that it. For example- The fandom of BBC’S Sherlock!

Fanart- Art created by fans of a certain fandom. For example- A fanart of Sherlock and Watson holding hands and sharing an Ice cream

Fancition- literature created by fans of a certain fandom. For example- A fanfiction describing Sherlock and Watson’s day at the beach WHEN SUDDENLY something wacky happens. Spoiler: they’re probably bonking at the end.

ohmygosh I hope I made a decent job explaining these! The readers are so much better off googling it!

No that’s a great starter explanation! But yeah, anyone who’s interested just type in a character into tumblr’s tag search… What was your first piece of fanart?

I was obsessed with The little Mermaid when I was younger and doodled her all the time, so probably that. I also had a huge crush on Waldo from where’s Waldo, heheh, so I used to draw him too!

When did your love of making art become what you wanted to do as a living?

I love doing many things, and have trouble focusing on one- drawing, directing, editing, and even acting a little. And the more I thought about it I understood animation holds within it all these skills. It feels amazing to do something that’s so dynamic and interesting, I never get bored!

Now! In prep for Part II of the conversation, check out a couple of the animations that Leigh’s done. First we have “Thorested Development” and then “Fangirls”


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